Friday, 5 December 2014

An Overview of the Awesome LG G Watch R Smartwatch

With smartphones getting larger every year, small and smart wearable devices are getting ever more popular as convenient additions to your full size digital companions. With smartphone screen sizes exceeding the 5 inch mark and in some cases closely approaching 6 inches, performing quick split-second manipulations becomes quite a bit cumbersome. No wonder! Enter smartwatches, cool replacements for regular wristwatches that sport some amazingly convenient functions. Among the latter, the ability to read status updates, twitter and messages in your apps, as well as conveniently navigate playlists, without ever taking your phone out of the pocket. So, do the advantages of having a smartwatch outweigh the associated costs, in this case of an incredibly good looking and solidly built LG G Watch R? That, you'll have to decide for yourself and we recommend you get out there and get your hands on one. Let us know what you think of this new generation of smart wearables!

Sunday, 30 November 2014

All New Android 5.0 Lollipop on Your Nexus 4

Android 5.0 Lollipop is here and as many have said it and many will: 'Good news is always good news'. We can't agree more. With some interesting styling cues, Android 5.0 remains to be a significant feature of the phone, rather than a blunt tool for 'getting things done'. With respect to this, we tip our hats to the creative body of work carried out within Google in the Android department. So, the heat is on to bring Lollipop to older devices with custom ROM upgrades, in this case to the glorious Nexus 4. It sure has a couple of drawback at the moment, including a limited support for LTE, but we're pretty sure that even that will soon be figured out! If you're the one to tinker with your smartphone a little deeper, take note of this interesting development. Who knows, maybe you too can have the latest Android 5.0 Lollipop with its awesome new design on your Nexus 4 or any other device soon.

Saturday, 29 November 2014

A Dream Smartphone 2014

Sometimes an ideal is unattainable, but we can always dream. Nevertheless, one could excel at dreaming, especially if he is none other than MKBHD. In the video above, we look at such one fine example of dreaming, which isn't dreaming in the purely essential sense, but rather a thoughtful analysis, as in the breakdown into parts, as well as then synthesis, as in coming together of the best of those parts. The field for this cognitive exercise, which probably isn't too hard, but still quite entertaining and informative, is smartphones. Smartphones of all makes and sizes. MKBHD talks us through everything from the hardware to fit and finish. An end result? Well, quite an awesome video which is a treat to watch in every respect. A video that just might help you with finding your next smartphone. Could it be you'll find it the well-endowed Mobile Phones Category of our shop?

Wednesday, 5 November 2014

An Overview of the Elegant Samsung Galaxy Alpha

Samsung Galaxy Alpha. A new entrant to the smartphone market from the ever present Samsung. It sounds like Samsung, looks like Samsung and the overall experience of it inside out is unmistakably Samsung. Alpha, though, just like the Note 4, offers an evolutionary, yet substantial improvement in built quality. The name of this improvement is aluminum. It runs in a band encircling the phone. Some say it just brings the price of this phone up, nevertheless the majority of users agree that it is a welcome addition. The Alpha's construction retains its most important functionality, as the plastic back cover allows for easy access to phone's removable battery. Anyway, despite the similarities between the new Samsung Galaxy Alpha and the Galaxy Note 4, these phones have a number of differences that define their intended purpose. While the Galaxy Note 4 is quite upscale, it is plausible to infer that the Galaxy Alpha is intended to exude a certain type of mass appeal. The Galaxy Alpha, it seems is bound to evoke the premium feel, while at the same time retaining the specs, that despite its more premium build, will help Samsung position the phone within a more affordable price range. We really hope the prices of Galaxy Alpha handsets will start to decline in a month of two. We also feel like the Galaxy Alpha is a precursor to the next Galaxy S6, with Samsung testing the market response for a signature Samsung device that improves upon the build quality. At last, for what seems to be years of waiting and requests from the end consumers.

Friday, 31 October 2014

A Look at Top 5 Android Smartphones

Now, we all want to get our hands on the best! The best operating system, the best apps, the best camera, the best specs, the best screen and the best battery life. Such is the human nature that we strive for the best and the betterment. We favour the most adept, the most dignified and the most capable among the competition. We vote for our choice with our financial resources, which create cash flows for the companies that are the best at grasping our needs and wants. Naturally, if you're into Android at all, or have been following some of the news and developments in this vibrant market sector, you're most likely curious to know, what are the best smartphones available out there for Android. With respect to that curiosity, let us present you with an overview of the top 5 android smartphones through an informative video above.

Thursday, 30 October 2014

A Closer Look at Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Smartphone

This autumn we look at one of the most solid offerings in the smartphone market, albeit, not the cheapest. In any case, Samsung Galaxy Note line sets the trend for usability and features, since, probably, the Note 2 release. So, what do we have on offer this time around? Well, for one thing its the colourful 5.7" Super AMOLED screen, known for its rich blacks and vibrant reds. The new Galaxy Note 4, also offers a new and upgraded Snapdragon 805 processor, one of the most powerful and advanced on the market. There's plenty of RAM on board to provide for a smooth experience of using, not only TouchWiz, Samsung's custom launcher, but also for the purposes of multi-tasking, a feature introduced by Samsung in order to take better advantage of the the large screen. Very well worth mentioning is the upgraded trim on the phone. Although the phone looks similiar to the Note 3, in the hand it feels more premium. And while the textured plastic back cover is retained, the side trim, running all around the phone is aluminum. This gives the Galaxy Note 4, just like the Samsung Galaxy Alpha, a very welcome touch of quality and presence. So, let's examine the Galaxy Note 4 in detail.

Thursday, 16 October 2014

Overview of the Best Android Keyboard Apps as of 2014

Modern smartphones imply some pretty awesome research and development (R&D). But as all-encompassing as corporate R&D can be it still sometimes lags a little bit behind the small innovative companies that bring their pretty smart and amazing apps to the Android community, in this particular case. It's interesting to note that keyboard apps have been the niche to see some really interesting innovation and after a launcher, probably, is one of the most widespread upgrades to occur to a smartphone. Hence, behold for a rather cool overview of the best Android keyboard apps on the market in the video above!

Wednesday, 1 October 2014

The Extended Sony Xperia Z3 Review

Sony Xperia Z3 Introduction

Recently, Sony has presented the world with a glimpse of its new flagship smartphone that speaks of both, status and functionality. With minimalist signature looks, as well as prominent built quality and water resistance, the new Sony Xperia Z3 sure packs a punch, from its magnificent screen to powerful graphics processor, great 20 megapixel camera and a number of other extraordinary multimedia capabilities that put other manufacturers at awe. We salute Sony's superb effort and admire their craftsmanship and attention to detail. The value that Sony creates, considering everything it brings to the table with the new Xperia Z3 line-up, is pretty impressive. As such, the Xperia line-up consists not only of the Xperia Z3 itself, but also of its, both, larger, as well as more compact interpretations, the Sony Xperia Z3 Tablet Compact and Xperia Z3 Compact, respectfully. Let's start with the smaller Xperia Z3 Compact, which you can get familiar with through the video below.

Wednesday, 24 September 2014

An Overview of The Best To-Do List Apps for Your Smartphone

We love getting things done and who doesn't. With phones getting smarter, no wonder they're bound to help us get even more organized and efficient at handling our daily routines and one-off tasks. In the above video, The Verge, kindly compiled a list of the best to-do apps on the market today, with their top contender being mostly free. This is great, as from now on everyone can enjoy the power of managerial know-how at the palm of their hand. Whether you're managing lists, planning time or even attaching geographically-based reminders to your tasks, the above compilation of the best to-do list apps has got you covered. So, go ahead and check out the video above and let us know what you think!

Tuesday, 23 September 2014

The iPhone 6 From a Windows Phone User Perspective

It's always interesting to introduce oneself to an opnion that's both qualified and untravial. With the release of the new iPhone we've been given this opportunity by PocketNow's editor Michael Fisher, an ardent Windows Phone fan. That being said in the video above we get to know what do these two operating systems have in common and what are their differences. The aspects of owning a Windows Phone or an iOS device are reviewed through a myriad of  opportunities both environments offer, in terms of apps, as well as hardware choices. This makes the whole discussion rather comprehensive and noteworthy, even if you are not considering ownership of either an iPhone or a Windows Phone device at the moment! If you do, you might hold interest in the best Windows Phone available on the market right now, the Nokia Lumia 930 flagship available in our shop.

Saturday, 20 September 2014

Best Compact Camera - Sony RX100 III In-Depth Review

It is rare that you find a review of a product that is relatively affordable, yet at the same time is a prime example quality and ease of use above everything else. Such is the case with the RX 100 III compact camera produced by Sony and its respective in-depth review by Tested. It is definitely true that we keep a close eye on Tested, as well as other worthy news sources, bringing you only the best of the tips for products available on the market today. Thus, in the above video you can learn precisely why is it that Sony RX 100 III is such a successful iteration of Sony's RX camera line. The ways you put this knowledge to use is totally up to you. Whether to tip a friend who is looking for something similar, to buy a present for somebody you know or just to treat yourself to a new gadget, this review will help you answer any, if not all of the questions you might have about this compact portable camera.

Wednesday, 17 September 2014

The Much Anticipated iPhone 6 Plus Review

Ladies and gentleman, the big wait is over as iPhone 6 is finally here to replace both, the iPhone 5C and the iPhone 5S. It will not come off as a secret that a lot of people from the Android community are looking down down on the iPhone year-in-year-out. Well, this year Apple provided its critics with a one less reason to be skeptical of the iPhone. What reason is that? Of course, the size of the screen! We shall not discuss the quality of the screen here. Let this question be settled by qualified people though empirical testing and review. But we'd like to note one thing. This year, Apple officially adhered to the de-facto screen size parameters dominating the world's smartphone market to date. Some may argue that Apple is playing catch-up, but there's not much really that it can do. Thus, the more comfortable 4.7 inch screen size is the basis of the design of the iPhone 6, while the iPhone 6 Plus lures its potential buyers with a 5.5 inch display. This latter model is the one that we felt the most interested in. So, we'd like to share with you a pretty nice review video of the iPhone 6 Plus above!

Monday, 15 September 2014

First Look at the Samsung Galaxy Alpha

With all of the attention being drawn to the recent release of the Galaxy Note 4 at the moment, we just have to snap back a little bit and bring up this amazing new release from Samsung called the Galaxy Alpha. Quite an interesting offer this one is with a Super AMOLED screen that is comfortably sized at 4.7 inches and quite decent specs. Also, the new Samsung Galaxy Alpha feels premium through a welcome addition of a metal band that runs around the perimeter of the phone's body. All in all, this one is a promising entry into the smartphone market. So, if Samsung Galaxy Note 4 was a little bit too expensive or maybe even too big for your liking, give the Samsung Galaxy Alpha a consideration!

Sunday, 14 September 2014

A Glimpse of the Cool New Android Wear powered LG G Watch R

When we were talking about manufacturer progress in the smartwatch design and development department just a few months back, LG G Watch R is pretty much the thing we had in mind. It looks like a classic watch, yet retains all of the features of a modern Android Wear powered device. Among other features, the LG G Watch R also makes room for a heart rate monitor at the back, has a more ergonomic charger, as well as a display that is quite a bit brighter, making it so much easier to see in direct sunlight. With smartphones getting bigger with every subsequent release, no wonder there's an increased demand for a way to keep an eye on your notifications, as well as manage music and playlists from a smaller, more accessible device. A device that fits perfectly well into the paradigm of manly accessories, functional yet stylish. Looking forward to the next releases of smartwatches geared towards women as well! In the meantime, we offer you a brief hands-on look of the pretty cool LG G Watch R through the above video.

Friday, 12 September 2014

The New Samsung Galaxy Note 4 vs Note 3 Showdown

With a share of the market as big as Samsung's, no wonder the company's devices are in a league of their own. And why wouldn't they be if you have an incredible inflow of revenue, a huge R&D budget and supply chain capabilities that are the source of awe amongst other manufacturers. In this setting, the much anticipated Samsung Galaxy Note 4 comes to succeed the incredibly popular and feature-rich Note 3 iteration in October, 2014. Let us not immerse ourselves too much into the examination of the specs, which will be dealt with through the Note 4 and Note 3 comparison in the above video. At the same time, we'd love to generalize a little and say that the new Note 4 brings some improvements not only to the hardware side of things, but also equally important - to the built quality. To get to know more about Samsung's latest Galaxy Note 4, as well as how does it stack up against Note 3, check out the video above!

Thursday, 11 September 2014

Pebble vs Android Wear Comparison

As the smartwatch market is getting more and more saturated with Android-powered products an inevitable question looms: which is better, the Android-wear or the already established products from the much respected Pebble? With both camps having quite a considerable following, this comparison is not an easy one! Pebble definitely has an edge over the competition in some areas, take aesthetics or battery life for instance. At the same time, the robust development of the Android-powered smartwatch OS, as well as heavy testing of the syncing features between smartwatches and smartphones will probably have some positive effects on the overall user experience. Want to know more? Then check out the video above and let us know what you think!

What are the best Android Tablets?

It's always nice to come up with an excuse to treat yourself to something new. The excuses could be numerous. Maybe your birthday is coming up, or you're getting ready to the Family or Labour Day early! For all we know, the advent of spring might well serve to be the sole reason for an acquisition of a new gadget or replacing an old one with an updated version. And this time, when we're talking gadgets we really mean tablets! So if your notebook feels a little bit too clumsy for an everyday task of web and multimedia content consumption, you should definitely consider getting a tablet. Tablet's are not only cool, they are quite a bit convenient and much more portable than a notebook. There are plenty to choose from with selection ranging widely in terms of screen size, multimedia features and budget. Take the 250AUD Google Nexus 7 for instance! A true modern classic at an unbeatable price point, among other things well suited for reading e-books. Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro, with a gorgeous Super AMOLED 10-inch display is, on the other hand, a more upscale offering. If you're looking for something else in terms of design, while at the same time need 4G connectivity options, this incredible Sony Xperia Z2 Tablet is definitely worth your consideration. All in all, if you wish to learn a little bit more about the tablets, browse our store's respective section, as well as check out the video above!

Wednesday, 10 September 2014

Flagship HTC One M8 vs Mid-Range HTC Desire 816 Comparison

Statements and claims are always reinforced when made in relation to objects that command a certain amount of respect and authority. In the world of modern smartphones HTC One M8 is definitely one such authoritative thing. It's incredibly well-built, has got a magnificent screen, a stereo-speaker system that delivers the goods, as well as a camera, the shortcomings of which can be forgiven for its low-light shooting capabilities. One M8 is the upper tier contender of practically every 'best smartphones of 2014' list. To compare HTC One M8 to HTC's own mid-range Desire 816 offering is to make a bold statement already. A claim that pays homage to HTC's engineering, as well as manufacturing expertise, for the Desire 816 manages to excel in the very same attributes that make the original HTC One M8 such a great device. So, if you're not into buying a used HTC One M7, but much rather like your smartphones new, have a very close look at the HTC Desire 816. For 350AUD it may very well be worth the title of your next affordable, yet amazing smartphone.

Wednesday, 3 September 2014

Tested In-Depth: Nvidia Shield Tablet

Nvidia Shield is a unique product in today's highly saturated tablet market. It is truly a dual purpose gadget. One tablet to rule both, the kids and their parents! You see, it looks and feels like a normal tablet, but packs quite a punch when it comes to graphics processing and gaming performance. Heck, it will even perform as a stand-alone console connected to your flat-screen TV. Now we're talking Android innovation from none other than the capable Nvidia, who successfully penetrate the broad consumer electronics market with this spot-on device. Not sure what to make of all this? Curious of whether you should get or at least consider one? Anxious to learn much more about this device, but don't know where to start? Don't be, as the above video on Nvidia Shield from the incredible Tested will fill you in on the precursors, as well as the features and applications of this cool device. So go ahead and watch it, but don't forget to come back and tell us what you think!

Thursday, 28 August 2014

Is the affordable Sony Xperia Z Ultra ahead of its time?

Consideration is an incredible thing. Sometimes taking something into consideration is taking a while. Other times, evolutionary improvements and new developments make something totally worthwhile. What are we talking about? We're on the case of Sony Xperia Z Ultra, a smartphone/tablet released last year, as well as a cool bug that recently caught on to Taylor Martin from the incredible PocketNow. What made him reconsider his initial impressions? What does he think of it and how affordable is the Sony Xperia Z Ultra? Learn the answers to all of these intriguing questions in the video above.

Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Best Small Tablets: Galaxy Tab S 8.4 vs nVidia Shield

One does not have to explain the utility of a tablet to anyone familiar with this type of device at the slightest. But tablets do come in different sizes, originate from different brands, sport various components/displays and due to these variations each provide a flavour of their 'own' experience for the user. So while we already have given consideration to the wonderful release that is nVidia Shield tablet, Samsung Galaxy Tab S 8.4 is the one we put into the spotlight for the first time. Despite the fact that nVidia Shield is so awesome and it might be preferable as a stand-alone tablet, according to recent customer surveys the tablets sporting mobile phone functionality, just like the Galaxy Tab S 8.4 are becoming more and more popular these days.

Monday, 25 August 2014

First Glimpse of the Sony Xperia T3

Preceding the release of Sony's flagship Xperia Z3 we catch a glimpse of its mid-range cousin, which at the moment is coming into availability, particularly in China. Being a quality offering at a moderate price, we couldn't help but mention T3, which builds upon the strong and established platform that is the Sony Xperia Z2. As such, the T3 comes equipped with 5.3-Inch HD Display and Android 4.4 KitKat.

Friday, 22 August 2014

Which is better, the HTC One M8 for Windows or the Android-powered HTC One M8?

In continuation of the subject of Windows-powered smartphones, we cannot omit the news of HTC One M8 for Verizon running on Windows. Well, there you have it! Predictably enough, there is absolutely nothing new about this phone hardware-wise, as it's absolutely identical to its Android sibling. Even HTC's cool native camera app has been ported to Windows. Apparently the battery life on this new Windows-powered HTC is better, as compared to the Android counterpart. Also the price it is offered for with Verizon's plans in the US is about USD100 cheaper than the regular Android-powered HTC One M8. Still, we must agree that Android is leading the market for a reason and Android OS experience is one of the most comprehensive in terms of features and advanced in terms of ergonomics and functionality. I guess Microsoft and HTC can accept out congratulations on this release and while it may not be our thing, we're pretty sure it will appeal to many.

Thursday, 21 August 2014

Is Nokia Lumia 930 a Good Smartphone?

With Microsoft's acquisition of Nokia, Windows Phones from the latter come in as no surprise. So what do the experts say about Nokia's latest flagship Lumia 930 smartphone. Well, for one thing we hear its very solidly built, in true vein of the traditional late 90s Nokia handsets. Also, albeit being known to be lacking in third party apps in the past, Windows Mobile is a tad lighter on battery. Don't expect to get two to three days out of it. It's just that at the end of each day, you'll still have some juice left, encouraging heavier usage patterns throughout. The rumour also has it that Nokia Lumia 930 sports one of the best cameras on the market. It's quick, versatile and will let you snap some of the highest quality photos in comparison to the stiff competition. So, what is there not to like about Nokia Lumia 930? Not much really and if you don't have a strong preference for another operating system, Nokia Lumia 930 is a great choice. Don't trust our word on it, though, have a look at what expert reviewers have to say in the above video!

Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Top 10 Best Smartphones as of Mid 2014

A top 10 list is a magnificent thing to observe. Not only could it be full of interesting and insightful discoveries, but often contains a ton of previously conducted expert research and opinion in an extremely convenient format. Could this be the reason why we're bringing this TechRadar top 10 list of smartphones for summer (Northern) 2014 to your attention? Definitely yes! So if you are looking for an upgrade or maybe smartphones are just something you take keen interest in, have a look at the above video to see what does TechRadar think of the phones, available on the market today. Of all things, the opinions presented in the above video, even though expert, are subjective. Do not let this make your learning of them any less exciting or valuable!

Saturday, 16 August 2014

How to Recover Lost Myki

For those who don't already know, myki is Melbourne's public transport ticketing system. A myki, being a smartcard, is like any other plastic card - it's easy to carry and easy to lose. How do you recover your credit if you've lost your myki?

If you'd registered your myki the process is easy:
  1. Log into the myki portal
  2. Go to 'Forms library' -> 'Report a lost or stolen myki'
If you'd recorded your myki card number, recovery is just as easy:
  1. Call PTV (Public Transport Victoria) at 1800 800 007
  2. Tell them what the card number is
If you hadn't done either, you can still recover if you:
  1. Keep a top up receipt
  2. Paid that top up with a credit card or EFTPOS
  3. Find a PTV staff member willing to help you
I added point (3) because most PTV staff will refuse to help. They will point out that the receipt hides a portion of the card number, thereby making it impossible to identify the lost card. This is totally incorrect. The receipt still contains plenty of ID information. Your top up transaction and the card it was for can be found using the combination of terminal ID and time of purchase that are printed our your receipt.

The 1800 800 007 phone support is supposed to help with issues like this but they probably won't bother. You have to keep talking to different staff members until you find one who will help you.[1]

[1] If you keep running into unhelpful PTV employees, find Henrik or Helen at the Southern Cross PTV Hub. They will assist you.

Samsung Gear Live Hands-On Video

As we haven't done so already, we would like to present to You, the venerable and anticipated Samsung Gear Live Hands-On. Well, what can be said about this device? First and foremost it's among the first iterations of smartwatch wearables. Therefore, whatever the various opinion on different parts of internet about these things might be, there is not need to be too harsh on this gadget. The thing is, these smartwatches will definitely get embraced by a group of geek gadgets, forward looking and innovative. It's these people and their valuable feedback that will help make the next generations of smartwatches better for all of other groups, who might show interest in the concept. Should you belong to such a group and hold an interest in keeping an eye on this niche market product, have a look at the above video and if possible, let us know what you think.

Thursday, 14 August 2014

Sony Xperia Z2 Flagship: Hands-On Experience and Review

Smartphone market in the world is a big one. No wonder the smartphone heavyweights are constantly clashing in the battle for the best flagship smartphone on the market. The flagship in itself, embodies all the best in R&D, technology and materials the company has to offer, alas at a price that is also a little on the premium side. Therefore it comes as no surprise that having a gadget like that in one's own possession is wonderful thing to experience. A fading, constantly evolving and changing holy grail of modern consumer technology. A device bound to make our lives easier, smarter, media-friendlier and quite a bit classy as well. All of these things, of course, can be said about Sony's latest flagship - the Sony Xperia Z2. It might have its shortcomings, but its strong points and the overall package are definitely something to feel excited about. That probably could be the reason why Sony Xperia Z2 is enjoying some very positive feedback from its actual real-world users. Our congratulations to Sony and we'll be patiently waiting for the new generation of rumoured Sony Xperia Z3 devices.

Wednesday, 13 August 2014

HTC One M8 vs HTC One E8 Comparison Video

With some of the first samples of HTC One E8 smartphones already available, albeit at a slight premium, we can't resist the temptation of pointing our readers to a video of a side-by-side comparison of the two devices. Available in a number of pretty colours and a matte polycarbonate finish HTC One E8 does not come off as high-profile as the aluminum HTC One M8. But equal specs and the price of the actual E8 production units, which is expected to be half the price of the M8, are bound to remedy any doubts one might have over the HTC One E8. Don't take our word for it though, just check out the above video yourself, especially if you're looking for a well-built, clever smartphone on a budget.

Tuesday, 12 August 2014

A new look at Samsung Galaxy Note 3

New generations of electronic devices are constantly making their way to replace the previous ones, ultimately making their older siblings obsolete and possibly collectible. Who knows which devices will tickle the history's collectible fancy. In any case, we thought it might be cool to take a look back at the more recent release of the Galaxy Note 3 from Samsung, as we are patiently waiting for the release of the next Galaxy Note 4 generation. Dubbed as a 'phablet' for its larger than usual proportions, exceeding the ones of a phone, but resembling a tablet, Samsung Galaxy Note 3 has garnered itself quite an enthusiastic follower base. So, if you've never seen the Galaxy Note 3 in person, why not take a look at the pretty awesome video review above. In the event you wish to learn more about this smartphone's detailed specifications you may do so on this ShopJoy page.

Monday, 11 August 2014

Self-Folding Robot by MIT and Harvard Team

The wheels of progress seem to be constantly turning. Are we privileged to have the ability to witness new discoveries, without the need to fight for our physical survival? In a sense, probably yes. In any case, one of the recent news of some awe-inspiring features of modern engineering brings us the self-folding robot. Despite the fact that from some angles it might look like a toy, this actually is the result of much scientific research and engineering merit from a joint team of Harvard and MIT scholars. Needless to say, we're deeply fascinated by this absolutely cool new development, as well as unforeseen future implications it might entail, including those that are entertaining by nature. Among the serious, useful applications, though, are for example, self-assembling shelters, as well as military and space structures. Right on!

Sunday, 10 August 2014

What is Lytro Illum and Light Field Photography?

There's just something fascinating about totally new things and we don't mean brand new, but more like new conceptually. And if the concept is new, you may be sure to bet on the fact that it will be unpolished, it will be a little bit rough in its implementation, but at the same time some of its ingenious light will still shine through. According to The Verge, such is the case with Lytro's recent Illum camera. Having been in development for quite some time now, Illum is a light-field photography device. Well, what does that mean? Basically, with an additional in-built array of microlens the camera is able to capture the light-field parameters of the scene. Kind of hard to explain, but if you do seek a hands-on demonstration check out the video above and let us know what you think.

Thursday, 7 August 2014

OnePlus One: A Short Review

OnePlus is a company from China that obviously focuses its attention on penetrating the greatly competitive world smartphone market. Apparently, OnePlus One, the company's latest flagship offering, is said to be good value for the price. Still, either company's struggling supply chain or production scalability issues result in a marketing strategy by which in order to get an OnePlus phone, you ought to receive an invite first. This has already caused frustration, as well as quite a bit of mockery online. Also, the technical issue that some users have had with their phones are nowhere near to be resolved. So, is OnePlus an underdog and a talent or is it just a pretender? Whatever your take on the answer may be, you might still benefit from getting acquainted with the short OnePlus One review, presented in the above video.

Sunday, 3 August 2014

Berlin's own Eboy and their detailed pixel art

With over 30 years since the advent of personal computing, technology is becoming an interesting factor of influence on our daily lives. It creates new realms of existence for a host of phenomena that are closely related to that of being human. One of these phenomena is art. While it seems like digital art existed for as long as computers have been accessible to artistic people, this art form does seem to be evolving over time. eBoy, in this context, is making the case for pixel art's increasing complexity and attention to detail. Lear more about eBoy's art and their trademark pixoramas [pixelated cityscapes] in the above video.

Friday, 1 August 2014

Top 5 Free Vintage Gaming Emulators for Android

In a flash of incredible news, the original Gameboy turns 25 and with its unique vintage charm it still has a couple of tricks up the sleeve to bring many fun times of gaming to people of all ages and walks of life. While Gameboy games are distributed mostly in the form of cartridges, although you can hack the device to accept SD cards, for many a year now, you don't need a cartridge to play epic Gameboy games. In fact, you don't even need a Gameboy! The name of the game is app emulators, which basically constitute a software environment that precisely resembles and acts as that one of Gameboy. So, when games are loaded into this environment they recognize it as Gameboy and behave naturally. At the same time, the hardware requirements are taken care of by your smartphone!
If you have an iPhone, though, fear not, the best emulator for iOS is the GBA4iOS and here is s short tutorial on how to get it installed on your iPhone. And of course, there's a host of awesome Gameboy emulators for Android, some of which work not only for Gameboy, but also Nintendo, PS1 as well as other vintage gaming platforms, a rundown of which you can check out in the above video.

Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Why choose the HTC One (M8) over an iPhone 5s?

There supposedly could be so many reasons why one would choose one smartphone over the other, let alone upgrade from one. But with an army of loyal followers in both, the Apple and the Android camps, arguments do start to play a major role with those who converted. The spoken word in this case will come as flattering to those who already are committed to Android, while raising a couple of questions for the future to all those currently favouring the iPhone. In any case, dare we say the differences could be more subtle, if the comparison was carried out between an iPhone and a different Android flagship phone. HTC One M8 is just a very well engineered machine, from a company with a reputation for the most solid of offerings in the Android smartphone market. Learn more about the HTC One M8 specs or even place an order for one with us over here.

Tuesday, 29 July 2014

LG G Watch vs Samsung Gear Live Quick Comparison

Appealing mostly to male audiences with smartwatches of a more chunky design, both LG and Samsung have done a pretty good job of creating interesting wearables that actually work for most applications. Although, smartwatches, as they exist now, are a subject to a certain amount of skepticism and critique, their actual everyday purpose may be be summarized in three most relevant tasks: a. displaying notifications, b. being able to make quick judgement as to whether you're accepting or declining a call, c. managing your music without taking the phone out. Well, whatever there might be in the future for smart wearables, smartwatches of today are already pretty exciting. And if you happen to be deciding between LG G Watch and Samsung Gear Live, you will most likely find the above video helpful.

Monday, 28 July 2014

Nvidia Shield Gaming and Entertainment Tablet

To spice things up a little, this Monday we bring you the Nvidia Shield Gaming Tablet, which comes in two trims, the AUD300 Wi-Fi equipped unite or the AUD400 LTE one. The Nvidia Shield Tablet device succeeds the original Nvidia Shield, a much more hardcore gaming endeavour. In comparison, the Shield Tablet is a whole lot more civic and can actually be useful for more practical applications and really serve multiple purposes. The Shield Tablet definitely retains Nvidia's powerful entertainment capabilities, for which its predecessor, the original Shield, is known for.

Friday, 25 July 2014

Smartphones Upcoming in 2014: Xperia Z3, HTC E8, Nexus 6, Note 4

Are you following the smartphone movement? Should we remind that it's been pretty rad lately with Sony, Google and LG stepping up their game, as well as some incredibly solid offerings from the smartphone authorities that are Samsung and HTC. So, if you're planning to look for a smartphone replacement sometime in 2014, keep in mind these absolutely awesome and greatly anticipated releases planned for later this year, from Sony Experia Z3 to Google Nexus 6 to HTC One E8 and Samsung Galaxy Note 4.

Thursday, 24 July 2014

Digital On-Demand TV: Amazon vs Apple vs Roku 3 vs Chromecast

With the advent of digital on-demand TV programming, there are numerous devices that can satisfy our digital broadcasting needs. What to make of these devices? Which ones are better equipped? What are they like in operation and what are their useful features? If you're interested in the new generation of digital on-demand broadcasting television devices and services then this short review video is for you.

Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Top 5 Headphones Under $200 Countdown

Most of the times listening to music on cheaper headphones, possibly earbuds, is fine. Have no doubt, though, shelling one or two hundred dollars for a pair is well worth it. And if you are a lover of music, you already know. If not, I suggest you try the better headphones out. Borrow from a friend for a week or a weekend. You will see, the better sounding, quality headphones will grow on you and you will never want to go back. The above video countdown of the best headphones under $200, compiled by Marcus, still holds true to this day. And if you're not convinced, or prefer to stay on the budget, you might want to check out this list of Top 5 Headphones Under $50.

Thursday, 17 July 2014

10 Tech Ideas That Aren't So Great!

Among the many good tech ideas that actually come to fruition and make our lives more effective and enjoyable, there is a lot you wouldn't dare to call all that great. Coincidentally, this list of 10 such concepts, compiled by the awesome TechRadar, is spot-on true and pretty entertaining. The anti-glamourous list entrants range from voice recognition to jet packs to freemium apps. We ourselves want to know, which tech ideas you'd like to add to this list and why?

Wednesday, 16 July 2014

The Amazing Digital Art Display

Today we'd like to share with you the concept of Digital Art Display, a new kind of computer. This computer is meant for your wall and is meant to display images and animation without being a distraction. Living in the background without demanding your attention or absorbing you, the Digital Art Display stands for persistence of a conventional art object within your home. The demo and introduction to this device is best served by the video above and the exceptional case Jake Levine makes for this cool gadget. The release of this material also marks the launch of a kickstarter campaign to garner support for the development and production of the Digital Art Display. Judging from the project page, the community backing for this endeavour is just huge!

Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Does HTC One (M8) stand up to the test of time?

We totally agree with the makers of this video. Due to the ever changing nature of the high-tech industry, most of the attention shifts towards the new and emerging. Meanwhile, yesterday's hyped-up gadgets are quickly forgotten to never surface the media outlets again. But what are the real-world implications of owning at least some of the new devices? No question, the knowledge of how a smartphone fairs in everyday use, weeks and months after the original purchase, is a precious one. That is why this short video series is such a gem. This time the authors kindly turn to examine the longevity and everyday appeal of the HTC's flagship One (M8).

Monday, 14 July 2014

Incredible Pocket Gems Office Space, San Francisco

There's always something special about the place we work at and in the case of Pocket Gems, a mobile game app development start-up based in San Francisco, it's everything. From chaotic junk-filled backrooms to the intricately individual creative workspaces. This tour of Pocket Gems' incredible facility has got if not all, then most of it all. Don't take our word for it, though, just see for yourself!

Sunday, 13 July 2014

Moto 360 Smartwatch Demo

Anticipated and regarded as one of the most promising and best designed smart wearable devices on the market, this Monday we bring you a fine demo of Moto 360 watch. The choice is no coincidence. Think about it, at first most likely the smartwatch phenomenon will definitely be embraced by the gadget-savvy few. In the long term, though, we genuinely wonder will the smart wearables trend catch up to be as big as the smartphones. Once only a niche, these days smartphones comprise a large portion of the sales. So why not start this week by taking a close and maybe a critical look at one of the best smartwatches yet to become available later this summer? A long-term trend or a momentarily fad? Tell us know what you think.

Thursday, 10 July 2014

Bit-Card: A universal solution to paper bitcoin wallets

Among the many ways of conducting transactions online, bitcoin embodies all things advanced and forward-thinking. But with the convenience and freedom that it brings come the challenges. One of the inherent risks of storing bitcoins, especially in larger quantities, is the risk of being hacked. Nevertheless, this problem can have an elegant solution! This is exactly the kind of thinking that lead to the success of Bit-Card - an incredibly well-executed paper wallet and bitcoin cold storage service, created with a German passion for quality. The idea is simple. If there are threats to your bitcoin property online or within any computer, for that matter, why not take it to a completely different, say physical environment, thus eliminating the cyber-threats altogether. Bit-Card does precisely that, but in way that feels absolutely premium and stylish at the same time. So if you use bitcoin, do consider Bit-Card, proudly made in Germany.

Wednesday, 9 July 2014

Google I/O 2014 Keynote Highlights

It's always nice to stay abreast of what's new and actually happening in the world of hardware and app development these days. For one thing, it is kind of cool to anticipate the innovations before they hit the market in the form of gadgets, accessories, software or simple updates. With that said, attending a conference like Google's I/O is not always an option. The same holds true for the hours of recorded keynote material. But fear not, if your inner nerd is craving exclusive insights, the keynote highlights video above will help you shine a light on some of the things Google is up to!

Tuesday, 8 July 2014

OnePlus One Unboxing

Rumour had it, there was going to be a new flagship killer slated for release in Q2 2014 by the name of OnePlus One. Well, since the second quarter is already upon us, many places started receiving the much coveted Chinese-made smartphone. Known for its good looks and specs that match similar parameters of other flagship smartphones, Oneplus One is not easy to get a hold of, despite an affordable price. Turns out you have to be invited to be able to buy it. While sound reasoning behind this bold marketing move remains a mystery, let's just have a look at the beast of a phone OnePlus One is through the unboxing video above. By the way, the phone comes preloaded with a community-driven Cyanogen Mod version of Android.

Monday, 7 July 2014

3D Messenger Bag as Seen on Tested

Out of all the video reviews we've seen recently this 3D Messenger Bag has to be the coolest. Let's face it, smartwatches and smartphones are way nice, but there's undeniable x-factor to this 2 dimensional messenger bag lookalike. This bag might as well originate from a parallel, cartoon universe. Well, surely, it comes all the way from China and its chemical components do take a while to lessen on the undesirable odor. But hey, what a minimalist concept to pioneer and what an interesting thing to witness. Behold for the 3D Messenger Bag, kindly brought to you by the folks from Tested!

Thursday, 3 July 2014

The Absolute Best of Bluetooth Speakers Comparison

How many times were you at a picnic out of town or at a park with friends and the speakers on your mobile gadgets just were not up to par when it came to music or video content? How many times have you cupped your hand around your phone's speakers so that your friends could possibly make out what was going on? These are the kind of problems you never run into if you have a proper bluetooth speaker at your disposal!

Wednesday, 2 July 2014

BitcoinMegaphone - a clever Bitcoin startup

The online revolution has made a lot of things very easy and cheap, but this isn't always a good thing. Easy and cheap can cause a lot of problems too. One obvious example is email. The cost of sending emails - both in terms of money and effort - is very low that spamming is profitable, even if only a tiny fraction of email recipients buy whatever products that spammers sell.

Same goes for Twitter. There are so many meaningless tweets out there that you wish there was a paid alternative that stems some of this banality by charging for message creation. Well turns out that such service exists!

It's called BitcoinMegaphone and it cleverly uses Bitcoin to facilitate micro payment, which wouldn't be possible with traditional payment methods. On BitcoinMegaphone you can create a message of unlimited length at 0.00001 BTC per character. That's about AUD 0.007.

Why would you ever post a paid message when you can tweet for free, you ask? Well here's another clever thing that the BitcoinMegaphone guys do: they allow message writers to receive tips. Write something real funny or useful, and your message may earn you a profit. Neat huh?

Tuesday, 1 July 2014

The Original Sony Walkman Turns 35

What a magnificient piece of news this is and a bit of nostalgia for everybody who grew up during the 1980s and the 1990s as well. It is precisely on this day, July 1st, that Sony Walkman hit retail stores worldwide for a hefty USD150 in 1979. After a few months of sluggish sales, Walkman rose to its glory of the best selling portable music player ever with over 200 million units of Walkman cassette players sold worldwide. Talk about vintage design aesthetics with the first iteration of Sony Walkman dubbed the TPS-L2. Made in Japan, what a woderful piece of modern history this really is.

Monday, 30 June 2014

What to make of Google I/O Cardboard?

Used to more prominent gifts from the hosts of the event, some of the participants of the Google I/O conference were downright surprised when handed out rectangle cardboard pieces for gifts. Not only that, but one has to go through a tedious and quite an unintuitive procedure of folding the thing. The end result? Well, according to Greg from TechCrunch its darn freaking amazing. Plastic lens, magnet button and a handful of 'experiences' to choose from. Is there a better way to immerse yourself into the world of virtual reality (VR) in the vein of Oculus Rift, than with this truly 'Mockulus Thrift' reinterpretation.

If you haven't been to Google I/O, have no friends at Google, but are still curious as to what the fuss of VR devices is all about, head over here to order your copy from DODOcase. You will also need an app, which will happily run on Android 4.1 devices.

Sunday, 29 June 2014

The First Space Espresso Machine

Is there a better way to start a week than with some unrelated awesome hi-tech, lifestyle and space-travel-inspired news. So, here goes it. Apparently, Italian cofee company Lavazza teamed up with Argotech and the Italian Space Agency to design and build the first ever espresso machine to actually operate in space, at the International Space Station. The coffee maker measures 17 by 14 inches and weighs just a tad over 44 pounds.

Thursday, 26 June 2014

A Pebble Steel vs Pebble comparison

Riding the wave of hype for smart wearables on the week Moto 360 and LG G Watch were presented on Google I/O, we'd really like to look back at the original Pebble and its rad successor Pebble Steel. Well, what not to like about these? From cool design of the original Pebble to the way Pebble Steel nails a sleek, traditional timepiece look. Worth mentioning is that from the hands-on reviews of the new Moto 360 and LG  G smartwatch devices, it kind of seems that whatever Pebble sacrifices in display and functionality, it really makes up for in its presentation.

Wednesday, 25 June 2014

How good is HTC One E8?

HTC One E8 is apparently a big thing. Not only does it sport the same specs as HTC's flagship M8, but managed to pull it off at about half the price of its bigger brother. Well, I know what you're thinking, there's plenty of smartphones in the AUD350 range, but rush your conclusions not. Let me tell it to you like it is once again: all of the specs of the flagship M8 at half the price! Stay tuned for more reviews of affordable and incredibly cool smartphones in the coming weeks. For now though, enjoy the hands-on video review of HTC One E8 above, as well as more photos after the cut.

Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Intel NUC mini-PC, New Unit of Computing

One of the smallest PCs ever produced by the Intel corporation is the Intel NUC. Designed to simply attach to the back of a display stand, NUC, which stands for New Unit of Computing, can be ordered with a range of memory and processor options. As a result, the price too will vary, from quite affordable to a little bit pricy. Those of us who watch movies on YouTube or otherwise, need not worry, the on-board integrated graphic controller will more than suffice for HD video reproduction and browsing. It seems like with Intel NUC personal computing just got a lot simpler, and a whole lot more compact!

HTC One Users Get Android 4.4.2 Kitkat Update

HTC One owners in Australia have reported that their device can be updated to Android 4.4.2 since yesterday. The new update brings a "flat" UI look that does away with bevels and curves - and this results in a much more beautiful design.

Although the colour theme is still dominated by black, its change is noticeable with the introduction of green and blue colours, and for the better too.

Most HTC built-in apps don't change much apart from the improved appearance, except for the Camera app. You can now switch between the front and rear cameras with a simple sideways swap. Previously this was buried under an obscure option requiring multiple taps to accomplish.

Overall this is a very nice update and we definitely recommend you to get it. As always, keep your phone charged while the update is in progress.

Monday, 23 June 2014

The Moto 360 design face-off

Apparently, Motorola has launched a contest, accepting about 1300 different facial designs for their much anticipated Moto 360 smartwatch. Now, its down to the best 10 and its up to us, the people, to decide which of the lot will appear on the front of the factory-spec model. Basically, the contest is taking place on Motorola's Google Plus page and the face that wins the privilege to bear OEM designation will be the one with the most +1s. So, why not go ahead and pick your personal favourite? Currently the leading design is the one pictured above.
We shall be receiving Moto 360 at ShopJoy upon its release but for now, check out our awesome selection of the best in smartwatches, from Samsung Galaxy Gear 2 Neo to Pebble.

Friday, 20 June 2014

A simple guide to Bitcoin

If one is ever to approach an issue that is new and complex at the same time, a simple explanation of the concept is an invaluable, priceless thing. With Bitcoin becoming a widespread social phenomenon, not everyone understands the concept of virtual currency. In fact, some people might be confused, pointing to an inherently scientific approach that defines its core functionality. Although, that, in fact, may be true, the concepts behind Bitcoin are elegant and simple, which the above video is a useful testament to.

Wednesday, 18 June 2014

LG isai LGL22, a Japanese water-resistant LG G2

LG isai LGL22 is basically one of Japanese versions of the phone many of smartphone aficionados know and love, the LG G2. The differences in the specs between the two may seem subtle to some, but drastic to others. One of the most notable changes is the reduced battery capacity, a sacrifice made to gain a removable back lid and an ability to easily access and replace the battery. This is not the only benefit of the architectural redesign with the LGL22 also receiving a microSD card slot, an IR port, TV reception and IPX5/IPX7 water-resistance. Other than that, this affordable Japanese-spec LG isai LGL22 is similar to the G2, which is precisely the reason why we include an awesome After The Buzz review of G2 above.

Tuesday, 17 June 2014

Bell labs' picture phone from the 1950s through 1970s

What does it take to envision the future? While the feat in itself is distinguished, imagining a future does not necessarily equal creating one. As sad as it may sound, there's definitely a time and place for everything. But for one thing, we at ShopJoy believe that Bell labs' experiments with videophone were not futile, leading to insights and discoveries in closely related and overlapping areas of the company's expertise. Speaking of expertise, we tip our hats to the author of this incredible video and agree that the path to the future is often unlocked through the details.

Monday, 16 June 2014

Olloclip, iPhone 5 four-in-one lens attachment

Sometimes little goes a long way. Such is the case with iPhone's renowned Olloclip lens. As the name implies, Olloclip is a small attachment for your iPhone that allows to extend and improve on the functionality of OEM lens. With Olloclip one no longer has to rely solely on built-in filters and effects. Instead, you can have your friends wonder at how exactly did you manage those telephoto, wide-angle, fish-eye or macro shots. Readily available at your disposal, compact and versatile Olloclip has got what it takes to spice up the day-to-day life of your iPhone.

Buy Vinyl Records with Bitcoin

Bitcoin was introduced to the world not too long ago - on the 9th of January 2009, to be exact - and up until last year only a very small number of online stores accepted Bitcoin, most of which were small-time shops set up by technology enthusiasts. However that changed very quickly. This year massive outfits followed suit, led by Overstock almost exactly 5 years after Bitcoin's introduction. The most recent big-name website adding Bitcoin support is Expedia, though currently it's only for hotel bookings.

While it's great to see such adoption from big players, Bitcoin supporters should not forget the real pioneers of Bitcoin e-commerce: small enthusiast-run stores. One such store that we discovered recently is . This site has a good collection of records, from Chopin to Bob Dylan to Taylor Swift. If you're looking to do something cool, you can try buying old technology with new technology.

Sunday, 15 June 2014

Zooming into a microchip by Nanoscale Informal Science Education

Ever wondered what does an actual layout and architecture of a computer chip look like? Well, kind folks at NISE (Nanoscale Informal Science Education) have actually worked out a way to provide us with a glimpse of precisely that. Needless to say, we live in some pretty amazing times and this wicked video right here is a real testament to that. Not only does it provide a way to marvel at the internals of a microchip, but does so in an impeccable and delightfully detailed manner. We just want to say a few words of appreciation to all the people out there passionate about science and education, making this kind of accessible insight possible.

Friday, 13 June 2014

Bitcoin Phenomenon, the documentary on world's most popular cryptocurrency

In this wonderful installment of its visionary series, SQ1 business tv presents us with a closer look on the origins and evolution of Bitcoin. This incredibly well put together movie includes history, ideologies and insightful interviews with many influential leaders of the Bitcoin movement. Some notable names from among the latter include Gavin Andersen, Erik Voorhees, Jeremy Liew, Fred Ehrsam and Peter Vessenes. More perks can be accessed on the developers web-site, as well as the video section of their page on vimeo. For now, we hope you enjoy this amazing documentary and the magnificient effort SQ1 has put into making it happen. It will definitely help to shine a light on how Bitcoin really came to be and the extraordinary people behind it.

Thursday, 12 June 2014

SwiftKey, Google Play's best selling keyboard app now available for free

A smartphone is a wonderful device. Not only does it offer rich functionality right out of the box, but also allows one to alter user experience and tailor it completely to one's preferences. And what can be more fun than trying out something tried and true for free, let alone keeping it. Such is the case with the feature-rich SwiftKey, one of Android's best selling keyboard apps of all time. Indeed, from now on Swiftkey is available as freeware, while the company will go on to charge clients for payed upgrades to the core functionality. At the moment, these upgrades include a number of customized themes, a feature that's been requested by SwiftKey users the most. If you're a proud owner of an iPhone, though, by all means do not feel left out as SwiftKey will be releasing a version of its popular app for the iOS 8 later this year.

Wednesday, 11 June 2014

A look at HTC One (M8), one of the world's leading premium smartphones

The veritable HTC One (M8), as evidenced by our 'Sensible guide to choosing your next smartphone', is in all confidence one of the best smartphones available in the world today. What could be said about the HTC and its flagship HTC One (M8), without dwelling too much on the company's operational activities? In short, the latter involve a sorted out supply chain and a recent marketing overhaul. Both of these strategic efforts have been championed by the company's newly appointed chief operational and chief marketing officers, respectively. As to the HTC One (M8), for one thing it's an incredibly solid product that just happens to exude the feeling of quality far suppressing that of its nearest competition, Samsung S5 and Sony Experia Z2. It looks and feels like it means business with the performance to match.

In a sense, HTC One (M8) is a unique smartphone with a message of appreciation of the best things life has to offer. It will serve well to satisfy demanding consumers with a keen eye for design and a longing for solid build quality. In a world of evolutionary improvements, HTC One (M8) smartphone somehow manages to impress even the most reserved of experts, conveying the notions of class, elegance and a sense of achievement. Within the multitude of smartphone choices, each of which has its own merits, HTC One (M8) is a testament to innovation and persistence. It is a symbol of a larger breakthrough, lead by a smaller company in a David versus Goliath kind of setting.

Tuesday, 10 June 2014

A sensible guide to choosing your next smartphone

Tackling the complexities of modern life is not always easy. With lots of areas of professional specialization, it is definitely worthwhile to consider expert opinion and advice when on the lookout for an upgrade to your beloved consumer electronics, both household and handheld. With that said, there's no denying few electronic devices have the presence and functionality of a smartphone. Although we advocate for a sustainable culture of consumption, once every few years the time to upgrade your handheld companion does come. So whether you're on the lookout yourself or know somebody who could benefit from these tips from TechRadar, check out their insightful Smartphone Buying Guide above, as well as Best Smartphones 2014: Top 10 rating below.