Wednesday, 25 June 2014

How good is HTC One E8?

HTC One E8 is apparently a big thing. Not only does it sport the same specs as HTC's flagship M8, but managed to pull it off at about half the price of its bigger brother. Well, I know what you're thinking, there's plenty of smartphones in the AUD350 range, but rush your conclusions not. Let me tell it to you like it is once again: all of the specs of the flagship M8 at half the price! Stay tuned for more reviews of affordable and incredibly cool smartphones in the coming weeks. For now though, enjoy the hands-on video review of HTC One E8 above, as well as more photos after the cut.

Well, who should take notice of HTC One E8? If you ask us, its not the LG fans or the Samsung admirers, its the people who were always into HTC. The ones who either are using HTC for their phone and need a replacement or at the very least those who are HTC-curious, if you don't mind us putting it that way.

So, what does one get out of an HTC One E8, overall? For one thing its the state of the art platform E8 is built on, as mentioned earlier sharing all of the specs with the flagship M8. Although, reported to be a little bit on the slower side, the E8 camera sports an impressive 13 megapixels. E8 is enclosed in a plastic body, but knowing HTC, you better believe its a sturdy and confidence-inspiring one. Best of all, made to premium specifications, E8 comes at a reasonable price!

Ohh and by the way, HTC One E8 comes in an incredibly awesome packaging, created by  industrial designer Yang Mingjie. The case serves a double purpose and once the device is removed it doubles as a lamp. Some out of the box thinking right there!

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  1. Please tell me when it will be available in India..