Thursday, 12 June 2014

SwiftKey, Google Play's best selling keyboard app now available for free

A smartphone is a wonderful device. Not only does it offer rich functionality right out of the box, but also allows one to alter user experience and tailor it completely to one's preferences. And what can be more fun than trying out something tried and true for free, let alone keeping it. Such is the case with the feature-rich SwiftKey, one of Android's best selling keyboard apps of all time. Indeed, from now on Swiftkey is available as freeware, while the company will go on to charge clients for payed upgrades to the core functionality. At the moment, these upgrades include a number of customized themes, a feature that's been requested by SwiftKey users the most. If you're a proud owner of an iPhone, though, by all means do not feel left out as SwiftKey will be releasing a version of its popular app for the iOS 8 later this year.

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