Wednesday, 2 July 2014

BitcoinMegaphone - a clever Bitcoin startup

The online revolution has made a lot of things very easy and cheap, but this isn't always a good thing. Easy and cheap can cause a lot of problems too. One obvious example is email. The cost of sending emails - both in terms of money and effort - is very low that spamming is profitable, even if only a tiny fraction of email recipients buy whatever products that spammers sell.

Same goes for Twitter. There are so many meaningless tweets out there that you wish there was a paid alternative that stems some of this banality by charging for message creation. Well turns out that such service exists!

It's called BitcoinMegaphone and it cleverly uses Bitcoin to facilitate micro payment, which wouldn't be possible with traditional payment methods. On BitcoinMegaphone you can create a message of unlimited length at 0.00001 BTC per character. That's about AUD 0.007.

Why would you ever post a paid message when you can tweet for free, you ask? Well here's another clever thing that the BitcoinMegaphone guys do: they allow message writers to receive tips. Write something real funny or useful, and your message may earn you a profit. Neat huh?

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