Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Why choose the HTC One (M8) over an iPhone 5s?

There supposedly could be so many reasons why one would choose one smartphone over the other, let alone upgrade from one. But with an army of loyal followers in both, the Apple and the Android camps, arguments do start to play a major role with those who converted. The spoken word in this case will come as flattering to those who already are committed to Android, while raising a couple of questions for the future to all those currently favouring the iPhone. In any case, dare we say the differences could be more subtle, if the comparison was carried out between an iPhone and a different Android flagship phone. HTC One M8 is just a very well engineered machine, from a company with a reputation for the most solid of offerings in the Android smartphone market. Learn more about the HTC One M8 specs or even place an order for one with us over here.

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