Saturday, 16 August 2014

How to Recover Lost Myki

For those who don't already know, myki is Melbourne's public transport ticketing system. A myki, being a smartcard, is like any other plastic card - it's easy to carry and easy to lose. How do you recover your credit if you've lost your myki?

If you'd registered your myki the process is easy:
  1. Log into the myki portal
  2. Go to 'Forms library' -> 'Report a lost or stolen myki'
If you'd recorded your myki card number, recovery is just as easy:
  1. Call PTV (Public Transport Victoria) at 1800 800 007
  2. Tell them what the card number is
If you hadn't done either, you can still recover if you:
  1. Keep a top up receipt
  2. Paid that top up with a credit card or EFTPOS
  3. Find a PTV staff member willing to help you
I added point (3) because most PTV staff will refuse to help. They will point out that the receipt hides a portion of the card number, thereby making it impossible to identify the lost card. This is totally incorrect. The receipt still contains plenty of ID information. Your top up transaction and the card it was for can be found using the combination of terminal ID and time of purchase that are printed our your receipt.

The 1800 800 007 phone support is supposed to help with issues like this but they probably won't bother. You have to keep talking to different staff members until you find one who will help you.[1]

[1] If you keep running into unhelpful PTV employees, find Henrik or Helen at the Southern Cross PTV Hub. They will assist you.

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  1. I went to the hub today to do this. I talked to the staff you recommended and even the manager and they told me that this is no longer true because it breeches some privacy laws and the employees from the PTV hub no longer have access to do this. Even the manager there cannot authorize it anymore. I just want you to be aware of this.