Saturday, 16 August 2014

Samsung Gear Live Hands-On Video

As we haven't done so already, we would like to present to You, the venerable and anticipated Samsung Gear Live Hands-On. Well, what can be said about this device? First and foremost it's among the first iterations of smartwatch wearables. Therefore, whatever the various opinion on different parts of internet about these things might be, there is not need to be too harsh on this gadget. The thing is, these smartwatches will definitely get embraced by a group of geek gadgets, forward looking and innovative. It's these people and their valuable feedback that will help make the next generations of smartwatches better for all of other groups, who might show interest in the concept. Should you belong to such a group and hold an interest in keeping an eye on this niche market product, have a look at the above video and if possible, let us know what you think.

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