Thursday, 14 August 2014

Sony Xperia Z2 Flagship: Hands-On Experience and Review

Smartphone market in the world is a big one. No wonder the smartphone heavyweights are constantly clashing in the battle for the best flagship smartphone on the market. The flagship in itself, embodies all the best in R&D, technology and materials the company has to offer, alas at a price that is also a little on the premium side. Therefore it comes as no surprise that having a gadget like that in one's own possession is wonderful thing to experience. A fading, constantly evolving and changing holy grail of modern consumer technology. A device bound to make our lives easier, smarter, media-friendlier and quite a bit classy as well. All of these things, of course, can be said about Sony's latest flagship - the Sony Xperia Z2. It might have its shortcomings, but its strong points and the overall package are definitely something to feel excited about. That probably could be the reason why Sony Xperia Z2 is enjoying some very positive feedback from its actual real-world users. Our congratulations to Sony and we'll be patiently waiting for the new generation of rumoured Sony Xperia Z3 devices.

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