Saturday, 20 September 2014

Best Compact Camera - Sony RX100 III In-Depth Review

It is rare that you find a review of a product that is relatively affordable, yet at the same time is a prime example quality and ease of use above everything else. Such is the case with the RX 100 III compact camera produced by Sony and its respective in-depth review by Tested. It is definitely true that we keep a close eye on Tested, as well as other worthy news sources, bringing you only the best of the tips for products available on the market today. Thus, in the above video you can learn precisely why is it that Sony RX 100 III is such a successful iteration of Sony's RX camera line. The ways you put this knowledge to use is totally up to you. Whether to tip a friend who is looking for something similar, to buy a present for somebody you know or just to treat yourself to a new gadget, this review will help you answer any, if not all of the questions you might have about this compact portable camera.

What's the use of such a thing these days, you might ask? Well, indeed modern smartphones do have some pretty impressive photographic capabilities. And while they might well be comparable to the point-and-shoot budget compact cameras on the market today, the quality of pictures taken with a compact camera akin to Sony RX 100 III is simply superior. So don't hesitate to check out the video above and if it's too long for you - fast forward, maybe you'll find some parts that are more interesting for you than others. In the end, if you're still looking for a present and do enjoy Sony's quality products that often bear a bit of an elegant and sometimes even futuristic design, take a look at the Sony products we carry in our shop, from smartphones to tablets and high quality headphones!

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