Wednesday, 10 September 2014

Flagship HTC One M8 vs Mid-Range HTC Desire 816 Comparison

Statements and claims are always reinforced when made in relation to objects that command a certain amount of respect and authority. In the world of modern smartphones HTC One M8 is definitely one such authoritative thing. It's incredibly well-built, has got a magnificent screen, a stereo-speaker system that delivers the goods, as well as a camera, the shortcomings of which can be forgiven for its low-light shooting capabilities. One M8 is the upper tier contender of practically every 'best smartphones of 2014' list. To compare HTC One M8 to HTC's own mid-range Desire 816 offering is to make a bold statement already. A claim that pays homage to HTC's engineering, as well as manufacturing expertise, for the Desire 816 manages to excel in the very same attributes that make the original HTC One M8 such a great device. So, if you're not into buying a used HTC One M7, but much rather like your smartphones new, have a very close look at the HTC Desire 816. For 350AUD it may very well be worth the title of your next affordable, yet amazing smartphone.

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