Thursday, 11 September 2014

What are the best Android Tablets?

It's always nice to come up with an excuse to treat yourself to something new. The excuses could be numerous. Maybe your birthday is coming up, or you're getting ready to the Family or Labour Day early! For all we know, the advent of spring might well serve to be the sole reason for an acquisition of a new gadget or replacing an old one with an updated version. And this time, when we're talking gadgets we really mean tablets! So if your notebook feels a little bit too clumsy for an everyday task of web and multimedia content consumption, you should definitely consider getting a tablet. Tablet's are not only cool, they are quite a bit convenient and much more portable than a notebook. There are plenty to choose from with selection ranging widely in terms of screen size, multimedia features and budget. Take the 250AUD Google Nexus 7 for instance! A true modern classic at an unbeatable price point, among other things well suited for reading e-books. Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro, with a gorgeous Super AMOLED 10-inch display is, on the other hand, a more upscale offering. If you're looking for something else in terms of design, while at the same time need 4G connectivity options, this incredible Sony Xperia Z2 Tablet is definitely worth your consideration. All in all, if you wish to learn a little bit more about the tablets, browse our store's respective section, as well as check out the video above!

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