Thursday, 30 October 2014

A Closer Look at Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Smartphone

This autumn we look at one of the most solid offerings in the smartphone market, albeit, not the cheapest. In any case, Samsung Galaxy Note line sets the trend for usability and features, since, probably, the Note 2 release. So, what do we have on offer this time around? Well, for one thing its the colourful 5.7" Super AMOLED screen, known for its rich blacks and vibrant reds. The new Galaxy Note 4, also offers a new and upgraded Snapdragon 805 processor, one of the most powerful and advanced on the market. There's plenty of RAM on board to provide for a smooth experience of using, not only TouchWiz, Samsung's custom launcher, but also for the purposes of multi-tasking, a feature introduced by Samsung in order to take better advantage of the the large screen. Very well worth mentioning is the upgraded trim on the phone. Although the phone looks similiar to the Note 3, in the hand it feels more premium. And while the textured plastic back cover is retained, the side trim, running all around the phone is aluminum. This gives the Galaxy Note 4, just like the Samsung Galaxy Alpha, a very welcome touch of quality and presence. So, let's examine the Galaxy Note 4 in detail.

The Galaxy Note 4 seems to be a marvelous phone. The one that takes into consideration reviewer criticism of its equally high-end predecessors. The UI is a little bit more manageable and we see Samsung actually cleaning it up a little. Don't get us wrong, the advanced tweaking and customization features are still  accessible, along with a myriad of fine-tuning options, as is the case with camera app, for example. It's just that this time around these features appear far better organized and not so much in-your-face. It's really nice to see a company as big as Samsung taking user opinion into consideration and it is very much the case so with improvements to the fit and finish of the phone. In terms of latter, a little goes a long way. The Note 4 does stay plastic for the most part, just like the preceding models, but with the new generation we see the introduction an aluminum band that runs all around the sides of the phone. You really have to feel it to appreciate it, especially in comparison to previous Samsung Galaxy Note models, the experience which the above video clearly demonstrates. If you want to learn more about the differences between the Note 4 and Note 3, have a good look at the video comparison above.

So how does the Galaxy Note 4 stack up against iPhone 6 Plus? Well, for one thing it doesn't bend. We're just joking. No pun intended. But seriously, the Galaxy Note 4 is more than capable of standing its ground when it comes to any of today's top flagship smartphones. This is also the case with the iPhone 6 Plus vs Samsung Galaxy Note 4 comparison. Worth mentioning is the fact that, although the Note 4 has a smaller physical footprint it boasts a larger screen, in part due to thinner bezels. Both phones make use of aluminum and while iPhone excels in this department, Note 4 feels quite sturdy and premium. Noteworthy is the fact that Samsung offers a removable battery, a very rare feature in today's smartphones. This feature is welcome, as battery could be one of the few parts of a smartphone that needs timely replacement for an appropriately long battery life. A removable battery can also bring the resale value of the phone up. In terms of battery life, Note 4, just like Note 3 is one of the best performing flagship smartphones in this regard.

Samsung Galaxy Note 4 is very well equipped in the media department. As such, the camera is built around a 16 MP sensor with optical image stabilization, LED flash and auto focus. Camera features are numerous, including dual shot, recording of video and images at the same time, touch focus, face and smile detection, HDR and panorama. The front facing camera is 3.7 MP, which is also impressive. With camera specs like these Note 4 is capable of shooting 2160p video at a frame rate of 30 fps, as well as 1080p in slow motion 60 fps. See above video for a sample of Samsung Galaxy Note 4 video recording capabilities. Overall, Samsung Galaxy Note 4 offers camera performance on par or better than other flagship smartphones. This performance is backed by powerful specifications, which along with built quality dictate the higher price range within which this smartphone is available to the consumer.

A standout feature on the Galaxy Note 4 is the S Pen. The S Pen is basically a stylus that is jointly implemented on the smartphone by Samsung notable digitizer manufacturer Wacom. The pen is pressure sensitive and is very quick to respond to user input. The 5.7" screen size really just adds to this experience. The current overall proportion of Note 4 might not appeal to some, but with the advent 5.0-5.5" display smartphones they are becoming ever more common. Overall, its a neat feature that reminds of the days of PDAs. We can even speculate that this functionality might appeal to people who have enjoyed and remember the good old days of PDA, though Samsung's implementation definitely feels much more modern and advanced. This advancements comes as no surprise considering all the processing and graphics capabilities modern smartphones posses! Is the Galaxy Note 4 right for you? Should  you opt for the Samsung Galaxy Note 3, which you can find a little bit cheaper, in the event you really enjoy the Note package? This decision is the one only you can make. In the meantime, let us remind you that with an incredible head-room of R&D development and budgets, removable battery, great screen and multimedia capabilities, many users around the world find Samsung Galaxy Note 4 incredibly attractive.

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