Saturday, 29 November 2014

A Dream Smartphone 2014

Sometimes an ideal is unattainable, but we can always dream. Nevertheless, one could excel at dreaming, especially if he is none other than MKBHD. In the video above, we look at such one fine example of dreaming, which isn't dreaming in the purely essential sense, but rather a thoughtful analysis, as in the breakdown into parts, as well as then synthesis, as in coming together of the best of those parts. The field for this cognitive exercise, which probably isn't too hard, but still quite entertaining and informative, is smartphones. Smartphones of all makes and sizes. MKBHD talks us through everything from the hardware to fit and finish. An end result? Well, quite an awesome video which is a treat to watch in every respect. A video that just might help you with finding your next smartphone. Could it be you'll find it the well-endowed Mobile Phones Category of our shop?

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