Wednesday, 5 November 2014

An Overview of the Elegant Samsung Galaxy Alpha

Samsung Galaxy Alpha. A new entrant to the smartphone market from the ever present Samsung. It sounds like Samsung, looks like Samsung and the overall experience of it inside out is unmistakably Samsung. Alpha, though, just like the Note 4, offers an evolutionary, yet substantial improvement in built quality. The name of this improvement is aluminum. It runs in a band encircling the phone. Some say it just brings the price of this phone up, nevertheless the majority of users agree that it is a welcome addition. The Alpha's construction retains its most important functionality, as the plastic back cover allows for easy access to phone's removable battery. Anyway, despite the similarities between the new Samsung Galaxy Alpha and the Galaxy Note 4, these phones have a number of differences that define their intended purpose. While the Galaxy Note 4 is quite upscale, it is plausible to infer that the Galaxy Alpha is intended to exude a certain type of mass appeal. The Galaxy Alpha, it seems is bound to evoke the premium feel, while at the same time retaining the specs, that despite its more premium build, will help Samsung position the phone within a more affordable price range. We really hope the prices of Galaxy Alpha handsets will start to decline in a month of two. We also feel like the Galaxy Alpha is a precursor to the next Galaxy S6, with Samsung testing the market response for a signature Samsung device that improves upon the build quality. At last, for what seems to be years of waiting and requests from the end consumers.

Markedly, the Galaxy Alpha is not water-resistant, unlike its Galaxy S5 counterpart. Although vibrant, Alpha's display sports only a 720p resolution, as compared to 1080p display resolution of the Galaxy S5. Samsung Galaxy Alpha can boast neither an SD-card slot, nor a large battery. Admittedly, in Korea the phone is sold with a spare charger and an extra battery, which you can swap places with the original, should you run out of charge on the go. The Alpha does features a fast LTE, allowing for lightning fast download speeds where there exists appropriate network coverage. As aptly pointed out by reviewers elsewhere, the Galaxy Alpha is a triumph of form over function, which as we pointed out above is considerable and welcome improvement, as compared to any of the previous generations of Samsung Galaxy smartphones. Thus, if you do value function most, maybe you should opt for a Samsung Galaxy S5, Galaxy S4 or even the more affordable Galaxy S3. Otherwise, Samsung Galaxy Alpha might be the elegant digital companion you're looking for.

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