Friday, 5 December 2014

An Overview of the Awesome LG G Watch R Smartwatch

With smartphones getting larger every year, small and smart wearable devices are getting ever more popular as convenient additions to your full size digital companions. With smartphone screen sizes exceeding the 5 inch mark and in some cases closely approaching 6 inches, performing quick split-second manipulations becomes quite a bit cumbersome. No wonder! Enter smartwatches, cool replacements for regular wristwatches that sport some amazingly convenient functions. Among the latter, the ability to read status updates, twitter and messages in your apps, as well as conveniently navigate playlists, without ever taking your phone out of the pocket. So, do the advantages of having a smartwatch outweigh the associated costs, in this case of an incredibly good looking and solidly built LG G Watch R? That, you'll have to decide for yourself and we recommend you get out there and get your hands on one. Let us know what you think of this new generation of smart wearables!