Monday, 27 July 2015

Rumour: New Xiaomi Mi Pad To Be Released in Spring, Android and Windows Will Be Supported

"Mi Fans" have endured a long wait for a newer incarnation of Mi Pad but this wait may soon come to an end. A clue for the new Xiaomi Mi Pad emerged recently when a rumour was posted on Weibo (China's version of Twitter) that "Mi Pad sales are poor. The Mi Pad department has been removed. There will no longer be any Mi Pad products." This message drew attention from a large number of Internet users right away.

Artist rendering of Mi Pad 2
Xiaomi stepped in to dispel the rumour and released an official message stating that "It's just an impossible rumour. The Mi Pad department still exists because Mi Pad is the best seller among all Android tablets in China. Xiaomi will continue to provide wonderful Mi Pad services and experience."

The first version of Mi Pad (and the only one so far) was released in May 2014, configured with Nvidia Tegra processor and 2k screen.

According to Huaqiang Electrical Analyst Mi Pad 2 will be based on Intel's Cherry Trail platform and will be released in Australian Spring. In April this year, Intel indicated that they would supply their newly produced 64-bit processor to Xiaomi. Xiaomi expressed on Weibo that it might be used in Mi Pad 2.

Its rapid rise earns Xiaomi respect and recognition. Other technology companies see Xiaomi's potential and try to leverage Xiaomi's growth for expanding their own market share in China. Last year in August, at Sony Beijing news conference, Sony TV featuring deep integration with Xiaomi Box was announced.

Not to be outdone, Microsoft stated that Windows 10 will run on Xiaomi Mi 4. This hasn't happened yet and the Mi Fans have been asking for this repeatedly. It is therefore not difficult to speculate that Mi Pad 2 running Windows 10 will soon be released.

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