Wednesday, 30 September 2015

How to Make Sure Your Xiaomi Phone is Genuine

Xiaomi makes excellent products and it is therefore not a surprise that there's huge demand for them. Sadly, this demand does not go unnoticed. Unethical businesses, wanting to profit from Xiaomi's rise in popularity, flood marketplaces like eBay with replicas that look a lot like the real thing.

How does one ensure one buys an authentic Xiaomi?

Before Purchase:

Stay away from online marketplaces that have low barrier of entry

Scammers want quick profit. They won't do things that take time and effort, which is why they're attracted to websites that make it easy to sell stuff.

Contrast this to legitimate online stores: they're usually set up the hard way. For example ShopJoy's website shows a green padlock in the address bar (this means that your safety is protected) and to earn this padlock, ShopJoy had to prove itself as a legitimate Australian business to an external human verifier (GeoTrust).
Green padlock verifies ShopJoy as an Australian business

Not only that, we put in the effort to help people research their phones by posting pictures, videos, and reviews, like this Xiaomi Redmi Note 2 product page, for instance. We even lend devices to tech magazines for hands-on review (example 1, example 2). The distance we go in setting up our online store is a sign that we're the real deal.

If the price is too good to be true, it probably is

There are many kinds of costs involved in getting a phone to you. There's shipping cost, currency conversion fee, PayPal/credit card processing fee, eBay commission, etc. If a seller quotes an unbelievably low price, run as fast as you can.

After Purchase:

Verify your IMEI and Serial Number

You can check your device authenticity by entering your phone's IMEI and serial number into this online checker tool on the official Xiaomi website.

Check your phone with the Mi Verification app

Alternatively, you can run the Mi Verification app (from the official Xiaomi website) on your phone to check if it's original.


1. Use your Xiaomi phone to download the Mi Verification app from in the form of an APK file (named antifake_xxxxx_xx.apk)

2. Find the downloaded APK on your phone and tap it to install

3. Run the Mi Verification app from your Xiaomi phone once installed

4. The app asks you to scan a QR code on , do so

5. The app runs tests and sends results to

6. Once the tests are finished you can see the outcome on . The app itself will not tell you if the phone is genuine, only Xiaomi's official website will.

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  1. Another important thing you can do is check whether the phone has blacklisted IMEI.