Wednesday, 9 December 2015

New Year’s Anticipated Flagship: Xiaomi Mi 5


Xiaomi claimed that they were revealing their last best product for the year. Seemingly, it would be the Redmi Note 3 (or what’s previously known as Redmi Note 2 Pro), while the long-awaited Xiaomi Mi 5 is yet to be unveiled until January 2016. The decision was made in order to wait for the Snapdragon 820 and to ensure ready stocks after revealing the product.

Weibo users have revealed that Mi 5 will boast on its advanced fingerprint reader that uses FPC (Fingerprint Cards AB) featuring high-speed fingerprint recognition, and has similar functions like the one in Redmi Note 3. The reader is made out of Qualcomm’s ultrasound fingerprint reader technology, which has evolved to use sound wave to scan a finger through materials like metal, glass, stainless steel, sapphire and plastic phone cases.

However, the industry insiders have expressed their doubt that Mi 5 will use the mentioned fingerprint sensor tech for its questionable reliability and stability which may not be the best choice for mass production.

Aside from launching the first Snapdragon 820 processor, Mi 5 is predicted to retain its favored 5-inch display, equipping the device with 5.2-inch 1080p display, 3GB/4GB RAM, and 20 MP Sony camera.

Xiaomi is known to grab the attention with its affordable prices despite the super features in their products. The Mi 5 is predicted to keep the trend going, making it one of the most awaited products for the new year to come!


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  1. Are you getting stock for Xiaomi Mi5 ?

    Kevin in Sydney